Step-by-step process for rebuilding a mechanical stamping press gearbox

Sometimes, when parts are not stamped properly, it’s not the die that’s at fault; it’s that the press has become out of square or alignment. Machining the bolster, bed plates, uprights, crowns, and gearboxes can get a worn press back to square. Although the bolster, bed plates, and uprights often can be machined on-site, the gearbox usually has to be disassembled and moved to another location to be machined and completely cleaned and repaired.

The gearbox is an integral part of a mechanical press, providing power and propulsion. When the gearbox fails, parts are not being made. Following are the steps a repair shop takes to rebuilds a stamping press gearbox or other types. (This specific gearbox was in a rubber plant.)

Inspection/Removal of Gearbox

  1. At a pre-project meeting, the crew goes over safety and fills out a job safety analysis.
  2. Any guards and obstructions are removed to enable access to couplings.
  3. Alignment checks on motors to the gearbox, and gearbox to the mixer are conducted and findings recorded. Based on the findings, a report is generated at the end of the removal phase of the project.
  4. A soft foot check is done while the gearbox is still attached to motors and mixer.
  5. Alignment is checked again when the couplings are apart. This will show any stress that might have happened during the gearbox installation.
  6. Another soft foot check is performed after the alignment process has been completed.
  7. The removal process begins. Any obstructions in the way of gearbox path out of plant are removed.
  8. To keep costs down, the customer uses its preferred rigging vendor with a gantry crane and fork trucks to remove any special rigging for the removal of the gearbox.
  9. The gearbox is removed using the customer’s preferred equipment and relocated to the building deck.
  10. The crane vendor rigs and loads the gearbox onto the truck for shipping.
  11. The gearbox is shipped to repair shop for repair/replacement.

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