Short Run vs. Long Run Metal Stamping Overview

A production run is the period of time in which it takes to produce a predetermined quantity of products. For custom metal stampings, production runs can be short or long, depending on the needs and goals of the application. Here, we will discuss the advantages associated with both short-run and long-run stamping production durations, as well as the applications each is best suited for.

What Is Short-Run Stamping?
Short-run stamping is a multi-step process that produces complex metal parts in small quantities. Typically, short-run stampings describe production runs of 5,000 parts or fewer that take place over the course of six months or less. During production, a metal blank is placed between a die and a punch and formed according to the customer’s specifications. A variety of metals can be used for this process, such as aluminum, steel, brass, and more. Short-run stamping has several benefits, including:

Reduced production and material costs: In addition to tooling and labor costs, other metal stamping costs include those for materials. Since a small amount of material is required for short runs, indirect costs for materials are reduced.
Less waste: Sheet metal blanks generate significantly less waste than fabricating parts using multiple pieces of metal.
Reduced lead times: Short, low-volume production runs can be completed quicker than standard runs.
A wide variety of industries use short production runs to produce high-quality components quickly. From automotive to aerospace, the medical industry, electronics, construction, and more, there is a high demand for this service. The stamping process works best with symmetrical parts and is frequently used to produce components such as engine cylinders, fire extinguisher housings, and aluminum cans, to name a few.

What Is Long Run Stamping?
Long-run stamping is used to produce large quantities of stamped parts quickly and cost-effectively. There are several production methods that can be used, including coining, deep drawing, bending, and piercing. In most circumstances, long-run stamping productions can produce over 800 parts per minute. Long-run productions can last anywhere from six months to one year and deliver many significant benefits, such as:

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