Rerollers: The Growing Need for Metal Stampers

These are the precision rerollers that produce the dimensional and metallurgical properties that exceed the capabilities of the equipment and narrow size range offered by most service centers.

Rerollers are becoming increasingly important each year as companies seek ways to enhance production, increase cost efficiency and, at the same time, produce a better level of quality for their customers.

Rerollers are found throughout the metal industry, but in the stainless, nickel, and cobalt alloy market, they have a significant role as these higher priced metals are required to meet more demanding specifications. The tiniest alteration in metallurgy or surface finish can be a critical factor regarding the performance of many stamped parts.

Some common services reroll mills perform: Rolling to specific gauge, improving formability, modifying grain size, adjusting temper, controlling spring back, enhancing surface finish and solving problems for the customer.

Rolling to Precise Gauge
Stainless steel strip and wire, as well as nickel and cobalt-based alloys made to standard mill tolerances in varying forms, can be acquired from integrated producers. Rerollers often stock large quantities of these materials: Ulbrich works with over 165 different alloys.

These mill partners provide metals that are readied for stamping by rolling close to thickness tolerances, customizing the mechanical properties and delivering the desired surface finish.

Worldwide, Ulbrich operates numerous rolling mills that vary in size to facilitate the many different material requirements they are expected to meet.

This equipment allows the company to fabricate high quality strip to the tightest possible gauge tolerances on a consistent basis while maintaining a precise, uniform thickness level throughout the entire coil.

If several passes are necessary for a rolling process, work hardening becomes a factor. This can be eliminated by processing the material through an annealing cycle in order to return it to the preferred level of formability. At Ulbrich, seven controlled-atmosphere, bright annealing furnaces are utilized to satisfy these metallurgical adjustments.

In addition to Ulbrich’s capacity to offer precision rerolling, Ulbrich operates multiple service centers throughout North America, which offer supply chain management services for customers who demand them.

No matter what the material needs or challenges presented, Ulbrich is there to meet them and provide exceptional manufacturing to its customers.

Providing Formability
Naturally, stampers desire material that is easy to cold form for their manufacturing operations. Formability, however, contradicts the very properties users may prefer when they specify the more specialized alloys – enhanced strength and hardness. Corrosion-resistant springs are one such example.

Creating an effective compromise between strength, hardness and formability is one of the main services offered by the metallurgical staff at the reroll source.

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