Jergens Lifting Solutions specializes in high quality, safe, strong Hoist Rings products. Compare our Stainless Steel or alloy Steel Swivel / Center Pull, Side Pull, Extended SP2000 Side Pull, Side Swivel, Eyebolts, Shoulder Bolts and Lift Ring products. Product available in standard and long u-bar, Envirolox(TM) protective finish, and Inch or metric.

Since 1986, Dynamic Die Supply has been the premier, one-stop supplier of die sets, cam units, gas springs, guide components and so much more. We have inventory in stock and ready to ship. Our knowledgeable and highly-trained staff­ is prepared to help you with any of your tooling needs! Together, we’ll help you keep the downtime down and production in motion.

Lubrication Products

The JET-SET® lubrication systems deposit lubricants of all types at critical areas in the precise amounts needed. The system’s modular design eliminates installation problems. Our systems apply lubricants with pinpoint directional control on critical areas. Our spray systems can fire at up to 350 bursts/min and also offer a range of triggering devices, such as repeat cycle timers, counters, proximity sensors, limit and air switches. We can also customize the control of the system to your requirements. A full range of spray patterns is available through the use of different spray tips: hollow round, solid round, flat spray, or off-side deflected flat spray. Our Rolling-Stock lubrication systems can be utilized with any JET-SET pump and timer combo. Our Roller systems can be easily integrated with any current spray system whether JET-SET or one of our competitors.JET-SET has been a market leader for industrial lubrication systems for: Metal Stamping, Rolling, Piercing and Punching since 1963.

Lubrication Pumps & Spray Systems

JET-SET® 's Automatic Lubrication Pumps have been serving the Manufacturing Industry for over sixty years. The first JET-SET® pump was the 7100 Series. We've made only minor modifications to the 7100 Series since its inception; a true testament to its durability and design. The 7100 series remains a great selling and widely used pump decades later.

We utilize the 7100 pump in our Jet Pack Series of automatic spray lubricators. These are typically used for specialty or low-volume applications. Each pump is capable of supplying 1 spray nozzle and max output is 1 cc of fluid per pump cycle.

We soon realized that our customers needed a larger pump that could supply more spray nozzles. We then introduced our 9100 Series pump, capable of supplying 5 spray nozzles with a max output of 5 cc's of fluid per cycle. The 9100 Series is a ridged, all stainless steel, piston pump. The 9100 Series was an immediate hit with the Stamping Industry. It gave production stampers a better, more cost-effective option for those big jobs requiring more nozzles and more lubricant.

Sprayer Control Systems

JET-SET® controls provide a convenient and accurate way to fire any of our electric & air-operated sprayer control systems with the timing and accuracy you require. Electrically and air-operated controls allow us the versatility to adapt JET-SET® systems in any shop.

Accessories For Lubrication Systems

JET-SET has a large inventory of commonly used hydraulic lubrication accessories & preventative maintenance parts. We have the parts and resources needed to keep your systems fully functional for any application or industry.

Nozzles For Spray Lubrication

The JET-SET® hydraulic spray system nozzles assure a controlled deposit of lubrication on any configuration exactly where and when you need it. First, the spray displacement can vary from zero to full capacity by adjusting the volume control knob on the pump located on the top of the pump. And second, the spray velocity can be controlled from a soft, gentle spray to a full, strong blast by regulating the pressure in the air supply.

If your metal forming equipment is covered in excess oil or lubrication, we can help you get the issue under control. Our team of experienced Stamping and Lubrication experts can help you create a repeatable plan to keep your equipment clean and your team happy.

JET-SET® nozzles come standard with our 80015 flat spray tip but JET-SET® offers spray nozzles to suit any application. We inventory a wide variety of spray tips and mounting accessories to accommodate the most demanding requirements. Let our group of industry experts help you choose the right configuration for your application.