Metal Fabrication Equipment Market

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Metal fabrication holds a prominent place in the manufacturing industry, where it involves building metal components for various applications. With the latest technological advancements, such as IoT and automation, the metal fabrication industry is undergoing rapid changes. Metal Fabrication has a huge market, where the fabricators are introducing strategies to cut down on their production costs, while tapping on new approaches, like the adaptation of control systems, etc. These equipment have several industries as end-users, with many processes involved in metal fabrication that include milling, forming, welding, machining, stamping, finishing, etc. The processes result in the production of various forms of components that have applications across industries. The metal fabrication equipment market is expected to grow at a remarkable rate, as the world moves towards industrialization, owing to the growing population.

Metal Fabrication Equipment Market Dynamics

The world population is estimated to reach nine billion, by 2050, with most of the growth occurring in developing countries. Owing to the increase in population, the world’s energy consumption will also increase, drastically, which will lead to industrialization of the nations and drive the market for metal fabrication equipment. The aviation and automobiles sectors use extensively fabricated metal, and there is a surge in the trend in these sectors, which will further drive the market. The main concern regarding the metal fabrication equipment market is the availability of raw material and its price fluctuation, which is restraining the market’s growth. However, there are several opportunities, such as technological improvements and an increase in the emerging markets, especially in Asia-Pacific.

Metal Fabrication Equipment Market Trends

Metal fabrication equipment applies to different sectors, such as residential, commercial and industrial, with the industrial segment occupying the largest market share, globally. Hence, the market segmentation is done based on these categories. The equipment market has also been categorized, by the type of fabrication process, into machining, cutting, forming, welding, and others. The XX type had the largest market share, with XX%, in 2016. The market has also been segmented, by the end-user industry, into oil & gas, automotive & aviation, power plants, mining, chemicals & mining, construction, and others. The XX end-user occupied the largest market share, with XX% in 2016. Geographically, the market has been segmented into North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East & Africa and Latin America, with Asia-Pacific occupying the largest consumer base in the world, followed by XX and XX. The major companies dominating this market for its products, services, and continuous product developments have been listed in the report.

Metal Fabrication Equipment Market, by Equipment Type

Scope of the Report:

Metal Fabrication Equipment Market Analysis, by Equipment Type

Metal Fabrication Equipment Market Analysis, by Application

Metal Fabrication Equipment Market Analysis, by End-User Industry

Oil & Gas
Automotive & Aviation
Power Plants
Chemicals & Mining
Metal Fabrication Equipment Market Analysis, by Region

North America
The Middle East & Africa
South America
Metal Fabrication Equipment Companies

Atlas Copco
BTD Manufacturing
Defiance Metal Products
DMG Mori
Hindustan Machine Tools
Interplex Holdings Pvt. Ltd.
Lancer Fabtech Pvt. Ltd.
Matcor Matsu Group Inc.
Standard Iron and Wire Works
Key Deliverables in the Study

Market Overview – market analysis and identification of key drivers, restraints, and opportunities.
Major trends and economic outlook.
Supply chain analysis.
Porter’s five forces analysis.
A comprehensive summary of the industry sectors and regions poised for the fastest-growth.
Metal fabrication equipment market analysis by type, region, capacity/rating, end-use, and application.
Future outlook of the market.
Extensively researched competitive landscape section with profiles of major companies, along with their estimated market share.

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