Weldments & Fabrications

Weld & Fab Experts

Integrity Fab & Machine, Inc. (IFABM) Started Business As A Fabrication And Machine In 2007. We are still providing specialized service to our customers in welding and machining mild steel, stainless and aluminum fabrications made to your specifications. Whether you need your fabrications rolled, bent, formed, cut, welded, machined, stress relieved, painted or galvanized we are here to provide that service to you.


IFABM’s Fabrication department is well equipped to handle your most complex fabrication needs. Overhead cranes with up to 20,000lbs lifting capacity, Waterjet cutting capacity to 60” x 120” with 90,000PSI FLOW waterjet for stainless, aluminum, all grades of carbon steel, and non-metallic materials (urethane, plastics, etc.), our Hypertherm MAXPRO 200A MultiCam 3000 plasma table can handle up to 1 ½” thick carbon steel in sheets up to 60” x 120”, our Hydmech V18APC dual miter vertical band saw with auto feed, bundle capability and CNC control makes quick work of steel bar up to 18” in diameter.

IFABM can finish your projects with either water or oil based paint using our in house paint facility. By keeping as much of your project in house, IFABM can better control the project’s quality and on time delivery.

If you need your project galvanized or powder coated, we can have that done as well.

For those projects that need machining as well as welding and fabricating, IFABM has the in-house machining capability to machine your projects up to 165”L x 95”W and up to 37” tall. See our equipment list to check out the state of art CNC vertical machining centers, available to perform the machining you need to get your project completed, as well as Blanchard Grinding capabilities up to 84” cross corner if your project requires a Blanchard ground finish.

For heavy steel plate fabrications, IFABM has two AKS oxy-fuel CNC torches with four water beds and capacities up to 60’ long and 9’ wide.