Dynamic Die: Unveiling the Secrets of Tooling Longevity – Toolroom Management Strategies

In the insightful article titled “What effect does toolroom management have on tooling life?” from TheFabricator.com, the importance of toolroom management in extending the lifespan of stamping tooling is highlighted. When it comes to enhancing tooling life, factors such as material, coating, lubricant, and press selection are commonly acknowledged. However, an often overlooked aspect that can significantly contribute to tooling longevity is effective toolroom management.

The article emphasizes four fundamental practices for a best-in-class stamping shop:

Zero First-off Part Quality Failures

  • Before the first-article inspection (FAI), it is crucial to identify and address potential issues. By understanding what aspects need examination, such as trim dimensions or forms, the goal is to achieve a 99% pass rate, minimizing time and labor wasted on adjustments.

Zero Unscheduled Die Pulls for Service

  • Scheduled service based on expected hits can prevent chaotic unscheduled die pulls. Planning maintenance around the expected number of hits ensures a streamlined process, reducing downtime and optimizing labor efficiency. The ultimate goal is zero unscheduled die pulls.

Proactive Tooling Component Changeouts

  • Recognizing that forms wear at different rates, proactive changeouts during standard end-of-run service can prevent part feature failures. Identifying complex form tools in advance and gradually replacing them ensures a complete set of proven forms in the spare tools inventory, aiming for zero unscheduled die pulls during production runs.

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Article with all rights reserved, courtesy of thefabricator.com