Dynamic Die Supply: Unveils Insights on Common Stamping Die Components

In a comprehensive article by The Fabricator, the fundamental components of stamping dies are explored. Die plates, shoes, and die sets, typically made from steel or aluminum, form the foundation for mounting the working die components. These components must undergo precise machining, either through milling or grinding, to achieve the required parallelism and flatness within critical tolerances.

Steel and aluminum are commonly used for die shoes, with aluminum offering advantages such as reduced weight, quick machinability, and enhanced compressive strength through special alloys. Additionally, aluminum’s shock absorption properties make it a favorable choice for blanking dies.

When assembled, the upper and lower die shoes, along with guide pins, form the die set. The lower die shoe often features machined or flame-cut holes that facilitate the removal of slugs and scrap generated during the stamping process. These holes may also serve as clearances for gas springs and other vital die components.

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Photo and article with all rights reserved, courtesy of www.thefabricator.com