Dynamic Die Supply: Precision in Every Punch – Choosing Materials That Take a Punch

In the informative article “Stamping Material That Can Take a Punch,” featured by The Fabricator, the challenges of selecting materials for stamping processes are navigated. Stamping in a die is a critical process, impacting not only the designer and operator but also the material being formed. The success of the operation, in terms of strength, repeatability, and overall success, hinges on factors such as tension, compression, and stretching.

The article emphasizes that whether it’s a deep-draw form or a multicontoured part, the principal factors remain consistent. The height of the form in relation to its diameter or width determines if it’s a deep draw, and each material has its own limits. Understanding the limiting draw ratio (LDR) of the material during the design phase is crucial, providing engineers with the best chance to align the final product with the design intent.

Regardless of the material and the type of press or die used, challenges such as cracking, tearing, work hardening, wrinkling, and fracturing are inevitable at some point. The article provides insights into navigating these challenges for successful stamping operations.

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Photo and article with all rights reserved, courtesy of thefabricator.com