Dynamic Die Supply: Maximizing Punching Success in Sheet Metal Fabrication

Derived from Glen Shuldes’ presentation at FABTECH®, Nov. 9-12, 2015, Chicago, this article sheds light on essential strategies for punching success in sheet metal fabrication, as featured in “Sheet Metal Fabrication Basics: 7 Strategies for Punching Success” by The Fabricator.

Despite being a longstanding technology, the punch press remains enigmatic to many in the metal fabrication industry. Evolving machines and tooling have transformed the punch press into a versatile tool, capable of various operations, including hole punching, panel cutting, louver forming, embossing, and flange bending.

However, the versatility of the punch press introduces numerous processing variables that, if not managed effectively, can impact part quality and throughput. Understanding fundamental principles is crucial for maintaining control over these variables.

Effective communication of forming variables is paramount, especially when translating designs from CAD to actual sheet metal parts. Consideration of bend radii is essential for both press brake bends and forms on the punch press, ensuring seamless integration between design and fabrication processes.

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