Dynamic Die Supply: Expert Insights: Achieving Ever-Tightening Dimensional Tolerances in Metal Stamping

Gain valuable wisdom from a seasoned professional with 40 years of experience in the metal stamping industry. Learn how to navigate the challenge of meeting increasingly stringent dimensional tolerance requirements while maintaining cost-effective production.

In this comprehensive article, the expert addresses the shift from +/-0.005 in. tolerances to demanding +/-0.002 in. or even +/-0.001 in., along with the expectation of achieving high CPK values. Discover practical strategies to achieve these goals and ensure robust stamping processes.

Key Points:

  • Tool Frame and Guide System Robustness: Explore the importance of a sturdy tool frame and guide system to prevent flexing during stamping. Discover the recommended die shoe thickness for various material gauges and the significance of oversized die stops and guide pins.

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