Dynamic Die Supply: Elevating Workplace Safety Explores Stamping Machine Safety

In “Stamping (Shearing) Machinery Safety Technology” from Market Prospects, the significance of safety in stamping and shearing operations amidst evolving global safety standards is underscored.

The article examines risk factors inherent in stamping operations, highlighting dangers related to equipment structure, issues with device movement control, switch malfunctions, and mold-related hazards. To mitigate these risks, robust safety measures and technical solutions are advocated.

Key Safety Technical Measures:

The importance of using security tools and manual instruments with low labor intensity to safeguard operators during stamping operations is emphasized. These tools, including elastic clamps, magnetic suction cups, and pneumatic chucks, minimize direct hand contact with molds, thereby ensuring human safety.

Protective measures for mold work areas are crucial for accident prevention. Setting up protective plates, reducing dangerous areas, and implementing mechanical feeding and discharging devices to separate operators’ hands from the die’s danger zone are recommended.

Safety Devices:

Various forms of safety devices for stamping equipment are discussed, categorized into mechanical, button, photoelectric, and induction types. Mechanical protective devices, such as push hand protection devices and swing lever handguards, offer simple yet effective safeguards. However, their impact on operational interference and limitations are noted.

Two-handed button protection devices and photoelectric protection devices provide electrical control over slider movement, ensuring operator safety by restricting hand access to the mold area. These devices utilize switches and light beams to detect operator presence and halt slider movement accordingly.

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