Dynamic Die Supply: Crafting Excellence – A Guide to Avoiding Waste Through Part Leveling

As highlighted by The Fabricator in their insightful article “Leveling metal parts, sheet, and plate can help fabrication shops avoid waste,” the importance of part leveling in metal fabrication to prevent the unnecessary disposal of imperfectly formed or welded parts is underscored. Fabricating a part that doesn’t meet specifications can lead to wasted time and resources, often resulting in consigning it to the scrap bin. A practical solution to avoid this scenario is the use of a part leveler. While leveling may not seem crucial initially, especially for laser-cut, plasma-cut, or stamped parts, it plays a pivotal role in downstream processes. A leveled part ensures a better fit in the final assembly, enhancing overall efficiency and reducing waste. 

The article explains that leveling addresses deformities and stresses that occur during the initial steel production, such as edge waves, center buckles, and crossbow. Additionally, internal stresses causing springback and warping are rectified through the leveling process, eliminating the natural curvature retained during coiling.

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Photo and article with all rights reserved, courtesy of thefabricator.com