Dynamic Die Supply: Analyzes the Impact of Increasing Press Speed on Efficiency

worker operating press punch machine for sheet metal shaping process

MetalForming Magazine highlights the strategic considerations surrounding the pressing issue of increasing press speed in stamping operations. While ramping up the strokes per minute on a stamping press might seem like a straightforward route to cost reduction, it’s essential to comprehend the broader implications on the entire stamping process.

The article warns of potential challenges associated with coil feeding, scrap removal, and tool deflections when press speed is increased. Rapid punching and trimming necessitate higher unloading forces, which can lead to tool damage and even press failure.

For successful implementation of higher speeds, engineering precision is paramount. Punches and cutting clearance must be properly calibrated, accounting for increased wear, galling, and breakage at elevated speeds. Employing strategic techniques such as staggering cutting punches at specific depths can minimize shock and enhance unloading efficiency.

The article also highlights the nuanced relationship between clearances, friction, and heat generation, stressing that careful management is needed to avoid overheating and its adverse effects on tooling. By delving into the intricate balance between speed and efficiency, the article provides valuable insights for the stamping industry.

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