Dynamic Die Supply: Advanced Friction Modelling for Sheet Metal Forming

In a groundbreaking study published in ScienceDirect, delves into the realm of advanced friction modeling for sheet metal forming processes. Titled “Numerical Study of Advanced Friction Modeling for Sheet Metal Forming: Influence of the Die Local Roughness,” this research investigates the critical role of friction behavior in accurately predicting sheet metal forming outcomes.

Over recent decades, numerical simulation has emerged as a vital tool for analyzing sheet metal forming processes. However, despite its widespread adoption, the industry often relies on a simplistic approach, employing a constant friction coefficient across the entire tool surface. This overlooks the nuanced influence of die local roughness on friction behavior.

The study challenges conventional wisdom by evaluating the impact of die local roughness on friction behavior using an advanced friction model known as TriboZone. Through numerical simulations conducted on three industrial automotive components, the researchers shed light on the significance of incorporating die surface characteristics into friction modeling.

The findings of this study not only advance our understanding of friction phenomena in sheet metal forming but also propose the TriboZone model as a valuable tool for enhancing process verifications in both advanced and mature manufacturing environments.

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Article with all rights reserved, courtesy of sciencedirect.com

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