Dynamic Die: Preventing Edge Cracking in Sheet Metal Bending

In an insightful article titled “Prevent Edge Cracking in Sheet Metal Bending,” addresses a pressing issue faced by many manufacturers—edge cracking in sheet metal bending. Despite repeated successful bending of 0.25-in.-thick A36 parts, recent instances of edge cracking have raised concerns.

The challenge is perplexing. These cracks emerge at bend angles ranging from 75 to 90 degrees, using a 2-in. V die and a 0.236-in.-radius punch. Notably, cracking occurs whether bending with or against the material grain, with a slight inclination toward the latter. Yet, other batches of parts exhibited no cracking, regardless of grain orientation. 

One intriguing possibility is accidental material mix-up, potentially using C-1010 instead of A36. Paradoxically, the lower hardness of C-1010 should make it less prone to cracking. Both being mild steels, they should ideally withstand bending over a 2-in. die without issue. Could changes in laser cut conditions have affected edge hardness, leading to this predicament?

Understanding the role of material hardness is paramount. Steel’s hardness significantly impacts its bendability. Hardened or tempered steel, with higher hardness ratings, tends to be more brittle and less ductile, making it susceptible to cracking during bending. Additionally, the article underscores how laser or plasma cutting can impact material hardness, particularly in the heat-affected zone (HAZ).

It provides valuable insights into mitigating edge cracking issues, emphasizing the importance of optimizing laser cutting parameters to minimize the HAZ. For those seeking a softer edge, additional processing or heat treatment may be necessary to restore material properties.

When bending steel, the interplay between tension and compression within the material determines its susceptibility to fracture. Harder steels struggle under these stresses, while softer ones exhibit greater malleability and resilience.

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