Dynamic Die: Advancing Industrial Efficiency with MOD-1E JET-SET

Exploring the cutting-edge MOD-1E JET-SET spray system sets a new standard in industrial lubrication. Highlighted in the article ‘SINGLE PUMP – ELECTRICALLY ACTIVATED‘ from JetSetSpray.com, the MOD-1E features a 5-gallon stainless steel tank with a sight gauge, reusable filter, and air regulator. Central to its design is the JET-SET 9100 stainless steel piston pump, offering precise lubrication (0-5cc per stroke) through five outlets for spray nozzles.

What sets the MOD-1E apart is its electric solenoid activation, allowing seamless integration with your machine. Wired into the machinery, this feature enables lubrication at the start of each machine cycle, ensuring optimal performance. The 9100 pump, a core component of the MOD-1E, guarantees millions of maintenance-free cycles and offers easy volume regulation through the knurled regulator knob.

For additional functionality, the MOD-1E can be equipped with a 1401 timer, 1471 counter, or both. The 1471 counter allows precise lubrication control by counting a predetermined number of press cycles before additional lubricant is required. Meanwhile, the 1401 timer adds flexibility by activating lubrication per cycle, including multiple times within a cycle.

MOD-1E JET-SET not only simplifies lubrication processes but also enhances industrial efficiency.

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Photo and article with all rights reserved, courtesy of jetsetspray.com